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Bayley Hazen Blue by Jasper Hill Farm

Bayley Hazen Blue is a natural-rinded blue cheese named for the iconic Bayley Hazen Military Road that traverses the Northeast Kingdom. Like most blues, Penicilium roqueforti is used, but the usual peppery spice character associated with blue cheese takes a backseat to sweet, nutty, and grassy flavors in the milk. The breakdown of fats and proteins during ripening often show a distinct licorice flavor in the creamy and friable paste.

More information about Bayley Hazen Blue

  • Milk Type: Raw Ayrshire Cow
  • Rennet: Traditional Rennet
  • Style: Blue-Veined
  • Aged: 75 Days
  • Size: 7.5 lb Wheel
  • Availability: Year-Round

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