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von Trapp FarmsteadSebastian and Dan von Trapp are skilled cheesemakers who set out to revitalize their parents' dairy farm in through artisan cheesemaking.

Oma by von Trapp Farmstead

Oma is an American original – an intriguing but approachable washed-rind cheese that balances pungent and sweet flavors. The paste is soft, buttery, and almost pudding-like, but never runny. The rind is thin and mild for the style – an earthy foil to notes of roasted nuts and sweet cream.

  • Milk Type: Organic Raw Cow
  • Rennet: Traditional Rennet
  • Style: Washed-Rind
  • Aged: 60-90 Days
  • Quantity: 1.25 lb. Wheel
  • Availability: Year-Round


Sebastian and Dan von Trapp created Oma as a strategy for revitalizing their family’s hillside farm. Each generation has called for a fresh approach to keep the family business viable: their parents turned to certified-organic milk production while Sebastian and Dan have built a cheese house to transform this exceptional raw material into a unique and delicious cheese.

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